Simple stories

Jana Machatova + Peter Machata

From April to June 2020, in collaboration with the Alice Art Foundation and the Arketip association, the Robert Mazlo Endowment Fund for Art and Contemporary Art Jewellery was to host Simple Stories, the first retrospective in France of Slovakian artists Jana Machatova and Peter Machata, at gallery LA Joaillerie par Mazlo. Impacting the entire planet, Covid-19 epidemic has not only forced us to postpone this event but also to suspend all our programming, which we hope will be able to resume in September.

Against all odds the current circumstances find a surprising echo in the works of our two guests whose exhibition is entitled Simple Stories. In the midst of uncertainty into which we are now projected, there emerges the almost unanimous conviction that humanity is on the threshold of a turning point, that we are facing one of those pivotal and unprecedented events that might change the course of our common history. Jana Machatova and Peter Machata are among the very few  contemporary art jewelers who manage to intertwine with as much accuracy as clear-sightedness the small and the great history.
As children, they were both raised in Czechoslovakia during the “normalization” era and share the same interest for storytelling and the power of words and images on the collective imaginary. Without nostalgia nor pathos, their stories reflect the past, more or less recent, in an attempt to confront the present and consider the future. The past becomes a means to unveil the everlasting turmoils at work in the Human.


April > June 2020

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