From November 14 to December 21, 2019, the Robert Mazlo Endowment Fund for Art and Contemporary Art Jewellery will host SUBSTANTIFIC at gallery LA Joaillerie par Mazlo in collaboration with the Alice Art Foundation and Arketip association. Echoing the famous quote of French Renaissance writer François Rabelais, this exhibition brings together four contemporary art jewellers: Alexander Blank, Sungho Cho, Karin Herwegh and Fabrizio Tridenti. Resolutely minimalist, all have chosen to explore this tenuous frontier between graphic language and three-dimensionality in an attempt to capture, through a piece of jewellery, the iconic essence of the visual symbol.

This approach manifests itself formally through the primacy given to the sculptural dimension of the object, whose form is deliberately simplified and synthesized as if of a sign deprived from all its ornaments to retain its sole substance. This rigor is also tangible in the economy with which materials, colors and techniques are chosen without ever neglecting the refinement of know-how. Even if their specific sources of inspiration and their intentions diverge, the works of these four artists are deeply rooted in popular culture inherited from modernity and from the hyper-industrial society, multiplying allusions to comics, cartoons and to the game and entertainment industries.


Nov 14 > Dec 21, 2019

Guest artists