Carina Shoshtary + Attai Chen

Exhibition Morphogenesis invites us to observe the “genesis of forms” by gathering works selected among different series created during the past years by Attai Chen and Carina Shoshtary.
Aside from a common inspiration drawn from nature and the spectacle of life, both artists share the pragmatic use of materials that already have one or more lives, foremost among which are paper for Attai Chen, and graffiti for Carina Shoshtary. The use of paper as a means of expression in the field of art jewelry has been a long-time commonplace but never had it found such a sculptural treatment as in the developments nurtured by Attai Chen. As for graffiti taken from a heavily sprayed wall, it is a rather unusual and innovative material that allows Carina Shoshtary to express her love for colours and rich textures in multifarious and distinctive ways. Each artist has thus succeeded in transmitting exceptional aesthetic, expressive and metaphorical qualities to his/her favorite material that contrast with its strictly decorative properties.
This common attraction towards plane surfaces and painting might be regarded as reminiscing of their early vocation for art and drawing, since both were originally driven by the desire to study painting. But this would reduce their approach to a purely formal exploration of the matter. In Attai Chen’s and Carina Shoshtary’s works, the material, through its modesty and poverty, echoes questions raised by social and environmental issues that go far beyond its sole intrinsic aesthetic qualities. But here end the similarities between those two universes, for each of them has developed  a  radical and singular approach (…)

Dec 8 > 27, 2018

Guest artists