nOrd  – Danish Contemporary Art Jewellery


Jointly presented by the Robert Mazlo Endowment Fund for Art and Contemporary Art Jewellery and the Alice Art Foundation, the exhibition “nOrd – Danish Contemporary Art Jewellery” presents a selection of works by Annette Dam, Castello Hansen, Kaori Juzu, Marie-Louise Kristensen and Per Suntum, on the occasion of the Parisian festival “Parcours Bijoux 2020”.

The Danish scene has long been associated with the Scandinavian Jewellery embodied by its leading figure, goldsmith Georg Jensen, and designers such as Arne Jacobsen or Swedish jeweler Vivianna Torun who have both contributed to giving this aesthetic an international outreach. While this  jewellery, then almost exclusively in silver, with its resolutely minimalist style had a profound and lasting influence on jewellery design throughout the 20th century, particularly in the United States, this idea of a distinctly Danish aesthetic no longer reflects the reality of this scene.
The most eminent players in contemporary Danish jewellery have certainly taken on board a number of the values embodied by Scandinavian or Nordic jewellery, such as respectful work with materials and undeniable technical rigor, but by opening up to outside influences, they have revitalized creation, to the point of making it one of the most dynamic and diversified crucibles of the moment. Through the works of these five confirmed artists, this exhibition gives a glimpse of the richness of Danish creation, oscillating between the mystical minimalism of a Per Suntum and the caustic vein of Marie-Louise Kristensen’s narrative jewellery.


Oct 8 > Dec 19, 2020

(closed from October 27 to November 3rd)

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As a major international event, Parcours Bijoux presents artists and researchers from numerous countries, for a festival showcasing exhibitions, performances, and conferences. In a vast panorama, galleries, museums, institutions and public spaces will display a multifaceted creativity that places jewellery simultaneously in a social, anthropological and aesthetic context, at the very heart of the interdisciplinarity so typical of today’s art world.

This event, organized by the association D’un bijou à l’autre, stands for an open and generous approach to an organic practice nurtured by a huge diversity of works and techniques. This jewellery is a complex world in itself, lying somewhere between contemporary art, craftsmanship, fashion, applied art and design, without disowning its family-at-large : adornment, nor its topics : the object and the body. And the avant-garde sometimes even frees itself of both these aspects, and of materials and techniques as well.

Parcours Bijoux aims to create loyalty in a community of enlightened amateurs and knowledgeable collectors, attract new audiences and inspire vocations. It sets the stage for a dialogue between various media and cultures, and contributes to the development of theoretical thinking by bringing together sociologists, anthropologists, and historians.Each time, private and institutional partners have elected to support this multiple and multifaceted event. In effect, these distinguished endorsements have perpetuated the event, and will durably inscribe contemporary jewellery in the cultural landscape.